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Palestinian death toll nears 24,000 as Gaza marks 100 days of war

Israel’s relentless attack on Gaza continues with 125 Palestinians killed and 265 wounded over the past 24 hours.

We have spoken to a number of Gaza residents who described their situation after 100 days of Israeli attacks on the enclave.


Here are some of their words:


After 100 days of war, our life is hard and getting even harder. We are facing multiple crises from food to water. Above all, our living conditions are dire. Prices are soaring. We are living in tents in this fiercely cold weather. One day passes as if it were a year. We pray to God for a better tomorrow.


I believe those are the harshest 100 days mankind has ever lived since the creation of this universe. I came from Gaza City to Rafah with my five children, the youngest is only two years old. We cannot find the most basic necessities of life.

People are tired of this war. We are living in fear. Above all, we are all plagued with trauma. Every single citizen in Gaza, especially children, has been negatively impacted by this war.

We wish to have better life conditions. We cannot find clean water or other necessities of life. This is utter humiliation, wherever you may turn your face. Children are the most impacted and we, adults, are helpless. We cannot help our children, or even meet their basic needs.

Cc: Aljazeera


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