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Fou De Toi’ by Element ft Bruuce Melodie and Ross kana, among 50 best songs of 2023 on Audiomack

Fou De Toi’ by Element ft Bruuce Melodie and Ross kana, among 50 best songs of 2023 on Audiomack

In celebration of musical excellence, Audiomack has unveiled its highly anticipated list of the “Best 50 Songs of 2023.” Among the standout tracks that made the prestigious list, one name shines brightly for Rwandans, a musical gem that was released in May. Securing the 11th position is the chart-topping hit, ‘Fou de Toi,’ a track that has won hearts of audiences far and wide.

Audiomack is an artist-first music platform that helps musicians reach and engage fans across the world. It has now offered local payment methods to Audiomack users in Rwanda using local cards on the website.

Produced collaboratively by talented artistes; Element, Bruce Melodie and Ross Kana, ‘Fou de Toi’ quickly became a musical phenomenon upon its release. The song’s infectious beats, coupled with its compelling lyrics and sweet melodies, left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of listeners, making it to the top of charts not only in Rwanda but also with audiences throughout Africa.

The recognition bestowed upon ‘Fou de Toi’ by Audiomack, placing it at number 11 on the Best 50 Songs of 2023, is a proof to the global appeal of Rwandan music. The song’s success is further emphasized by its impressive achievement of over 10 million views on YouTube, underscoring its popularity and the widespread acclaim it has received.

The collaborative efforts of Element, Bruce Melodie and Ross Kana in the production of ‘Fou de Toi’ highlight the power of synergy in the Rwandan music industry. Each contributor brought their unique talents to the table, resulting in a sonic masterpiece that resonates with diverse audiences.

While ‘Fou de Toi’ claims its well-deserved spot on the list, it shares the stage with other notable tracks such as ‘Lonely at the Top,’ ‘Ngozi,’ ‘Dalie,’ ‘Believe Me,’ and ‘Darling Jesus.’ Each of these songs, in its own right, has made a significant impact on the musical landscape of 2023.

In 2022 the audio streaming platform showed interest in the Rwandan music scene as the platform continued to closely monitor the way local artistes’ music continued to attract the attention of music lovers across the East African region, Africa, and worldwide.

In the same year, Audiomack also appointed Eloi Mugabe as their country representative, tasking him to raise awareness among Rwandan artistes to stream their music on the platform for them to grow their international fan base.


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